New Benefit
You’re providing a low-cost, high-value benefit that employees love, in an age of takeaways and cost-shifting.

FICA Tax Savings
Implementing the prepaid benefits card has resulted in increased employee participation, as well as increased annual election amounts year after year. Employers have seen immediate increases of 20 - 40% in participation, and annual contribution increases ranging from 10 - 50%.

IRS Compliance
Advanced auto-substantiation technologies can verify the eligibility of many transactions, minimizing the need to request receipts from the cardholder. Letters requesting receipts are sent only when necessary.

Cash Flow Friendly
Accounts are directly debited for eligible expenses, eliminating “out-of-pocket” cash payments and the need to wait for reimbursement.

Convenient and Easy to Use 
Balances are available online 24/7, and this detailed tracking can be used to predict more accurate (and increased) annual election/salary reduction amounts in subsequent years.


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